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Cedric D. Wilmott


Cedric proudly plays/uses:

  • Vic Firth Sticks
  • Soultone Cymbals (Endorsed, Exclusive)
  • Evans Heads
  • Iron Cobra Pedals
  • Pearl Hardware
  • SKB Cases
  • Pearl MMX Series Drums (7 Piece)
-20"x20" bass drum
-7"x8", 8"x10", 8"x12" Toms
-11"x14", 14"x16" Floor toms
  • May Mic System
  • Shure Microphones
  • Brady Snare Drums
  • Rocket Shells Snare Drums
  • Shure PMS-600
  • 64 Audio IEM'S A6 (Edorsed,Exclusive)
  • SKB Road Cases

Technical Ryder / Input List

Backline Equipment

Drums: (Maple)

Pearl Masters Custom (Maple) or Tama Starclassic


Snare Drums: (2)

Bass Drum:                20”x20”

Toms:                        8”x7”



Floor Toms:                14”x11”



Pearl Masters Custom or Tama Starphonic

(One used as Spare)


All necessary drum mounts or Drum rack

(1) Snare stand

(8) Cymbal Boom Stands

(1) Remote Hi-Hat

(1) Tama Iron Cobra Velo Glide Hi-hat Stand

(1)Tama Iron Cobra Power Glide Double Pedal

or Speed Cobra Double Pedal

(1) H.D. Round Drum Throne


Soultone (Exclusively)


(1) - 16" Custom Crash

(1) - 16" Extreme Crash

(1) - 18" Custom Crash

(1) - 20” Custom Ride

(1) - 20" Vintage Ride

(2) - 14” Custom Hi-Hats

(1) - 8” Custom Splash

(1) -10” Custom Splash

(1) - 12” Custom China

(1) - 16” FXO Crash

Drum Heads:

Evans EC2S Clear (Batter Side)

Evans G1 Clear (Bottom)

Snare Drum:

Evans G2 Coated (Batter Side)

Evans 200 & 300 Snare (Bottom)

Bass Drum:

Evans EMAD2 Clear (Batter Side)

Evans EQ3 Reso Black (front) 

Drum rug

(1) 8'x8'     

Note: EC2S Frosted or G2 Clear may be substituted for Evans EC2.

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